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Petitioner Goldsboro Christian Schools admits that it “maintain[s] racially discriminatory insurance policies,” Brief of Petitioner, Goldsboro Christian Schools, No. 81-1, at 10, but seeks to justify these policies on grounds we now have fully mentioned. The IRS properly denied tax-exempt status to Goldsboro Christian Schools. Since its incorporation in 1963, Goldsboro Christian Schools has maintained a racially discriminatory admissions coverage based upon its interpretation of the Bible.6 Goldsboro has for probably the most part accepted only Caucasians. On event, however, the varsity has accepted kids from racially blended marriages in which one of the dad and mom is Caucasian. Criticism following Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush’s visit to Bob Jones University has led the varsity to drop its controversial ban on interracial dating.

Evangelist Dr. Bob Jones Sr. established Bob Jones University in 1927 with the primary objective of maintaining the religion of scholars throughout their faculty expertise. However, Bob Jones University barred the admission of black students until 1971 and held the view that interracial marriage and dating were forbidden by the Bible. In 1970, a District Court discovered that the IRS cannot provide tax exemptions to universities that discriminate primarily based on race in their admission course of. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) notified Bob Jones University that per the District Court’s ruling, the IRS would problem the University’s tax-exempt status. The IRS moved to revoke Bob Jones University’s tax-exempt status, stating that Bob Jones University practiced racial discrimination.

Interracial relationship ban to finish at bob jones university

University continued their ban on interracial relationship. Now plainly the varsity, beneath the management of Stephen Jones,

Students stunned as bob jones drops interracial dating ban

“You might make the case that ‘compassionate conservatism’ died Feb. 2 when Bush appeared at Bob Jones U.” Bob Jones University opposes one world, one church, one economic system, one military, one race, and unisex. Each race and every sex must be proud to be what God made it, and none ought to reproach the opposite. “…By ruling towards BJU, the Supreme Court justices have demonstrated that they are enemies of heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ. I concern for America and for the Court.”

It was then that the Internal Revenue Service revoked the varsity’s tax-exempt status. Bob Jones filed go properly with against the government for discriminating against its religious beliefs — newspaper accounts have reported that the school opposes interracial relationship because of “scriptural belief.” Many of the amici curiae, including Amicus William T. Coleman, Jr. (appointed by the Court), argue that denial of tax-exempt standing to racially discriminatory faculties is independently required by the equal protection element of the Fifth Amendment.

Bob jones univ. apologizes for racist policies

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Bob jones college drops mixed-dating ban

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An entity should be (1) a company, or community chest, fund, or basis, (2) organized for one of the eight enumerated purposes, (3) operated on a nonprofit basis, and (4) free from involvement in lobbying activities and political campaigns. Nowhere is there to be found some extra, undefined public policy requirement. The remaining concern is whether the IRS correctly applied its coverage to these petitioners.