The Benefits of Facial Recognition at Work

Face recognition has been employed in a variety contexts. From tagging photos on cloud storage applications like iCloud and Google Photos to suggesting people to tag in posts on Facebook Face recognition has become part of our lives. It’s also being used in the workplace to help businesses to verify and authenticate of who’s working where, as well as to enhance the management of employee time.

Facial recognition was initially utilized to find missing children. It’s now being used at airports to identify criminals and suspected threats as they board planes. It’s also employed to improve the efficiency of retail stores by making it possible for customers to simply look to the merchant’s face to authorize transactions, instead of requiring the use of a password. It’s used by health specialists to determine the severity of illness in accordance with the unique characteristics of the patients’ facial features, allowing them to start treatment without having to meet them in person.

While there are many benefits of facial recognition, a few people have concerns about its widespread use. It’s not always reliable and can be fooled by smiles or other expressions. It also keeps a record of all photos of you it sees. Anyone who has your password can access the information.

If you’re thinking about using facial recognition technology at work, make sure to discuss the issue with your employees, and then create an explicit privacy policy. It can cause confusion and anxiety over the use of this data which can lower employee morale and reduce productivity.

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